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I got some trouble/error while trying to find a video partner. How do I fix it? 

If you had already filled out your profile by tapping "Edit" at the bottom of Profile page, make sure you saved and waited for your video partner preferences
to have updated, after tapping "Save". If you waited too long to find a match, or timed out, your area doesn't have enough users, or the user action processing capacity is overwhelmed, and needs you to retry after a few seconds, maybe twice. We're sorry about this inconvenience, but sometimes, the user count spikes at one second.

I need to report an error or bug to the developer. 

A representative at help@realtimephotocall.com should be able to answer and fix it. We're sorry about the issue. Although the app was tested many times before launch, it's possible some things are not perfect, in the case of some users' device or software. It's possible your phone is not recent enough to properly run the app, and needs to be a more updated version of Android or iPhone. If there is a problem on our side, we will definitely look into solving it. 

I got banned. Can I restore my account and use again?

No. If you were reported so many times, and you were determined as a malicious user, there is no going back.